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The House is an anthology of 3 animated stories made by Nexus Studios in association with Netflix and was aired in February 2022

I first met with Producer Charlotte Bavasso and the Project Directors when the stories were in early synopsis stage. The intention was to design one house and it’s environment relating to all 3 films. This involved varying narrative spaces, time periods and inhabitants - both human and animal characters of different scales and proportions. Crucially the House needed to evoke a feeling of being another character in its own right.

Collaborating with the Directors, DOPs, VFX, puppet makers and animators, Alex also managed the art dept and model maker teams creating sets, graphics, props and furniture to bring detail, texture and heart to the stories specifically for Story 1 and 3.



Directors                Emma De Swaef and Marc Roels

DOP                        Malcolm Hadley                       


Director                  Paloma Baeza

DOP                         James Lewis      

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